Buckshot Roulette

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About Buckshot Roulette

Players take on the role of a Faceless Protagonist entering a seedy underground nightclub in the suspenseful and thrilling game Buckshot Roulette. With a devious dealer who, in a cruel twist of events, turns out to be a demonic entity, you find yourself in a high-stakes game of Russian Roulette. A spine-tingling adventure where strategy, good fortune, and survival instincts are tested to the limit awaits you.

The premise of Buckshot Roulette is as unique as it is unsettling. Players enter an active underground nightclub to engage in a deadly game of Russian Roulette, but with a sinister twist. Instead of the conventional revolver, a shotgun takes center stage, and participants take turns either pointing it at themselves or each other, all in a bid to emerge victorious.


As the game progresses, the tension rises, and the dealer, a demonic entity with a penchant for chaos, introduces a second round that elevates the stakes. This time, items are added to the deadly mix, allowing players to gain a competitive edge over their opponents. The catch? Your opponent will be doing the same, leading to a strategic battle for survival in this dark and twisted tabletop setting.

The Second Round

In the second round of Buckshot Roulette, the game takes a diabolical turn. The dealer introduces items that can be strategically employed to shift the odds in your favor. These could range from protective measures to clever tricks, creating an environment where players must navigate the ever-increasing complexity of the game.

Strategic Gameplay

Survival in Buckshot Roulette hinges on a combination of strategic decision-making and the luck of the draw. Do you take the risk and aim the shotgun at yourself, or do you roll the dice and point it at your opponent? The introduction of items in the second round adds a layer of complexity, turning the game into a psychological battle where outsmarting your adversary is key.


Strategic, suspenseful, and supernatural elements are all explored in the tabletop horror game Buckshot Roulette. Taking on a demonic dealer in a lethal game of chance, you, as the Faceless Protagonist, must navigate the dark caverns of an underground nightclub. For players who dare venture into the bizarre realm of Buckshot Roulette, this game offers a distinctive and terrifying experience thanks to the unusual use of a shotgun and the addition of strategic items. Get ready for an exciting journey where the only goal is to survive.


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