Madness Roulette: April Fool's Day

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About Madness Roulette: April Fool's Day


Madness Roulette: April Fool's Day is a delightfully chaotic shooting game that invites players to showcase their impeccable aim while unleashing havoc on characters from the renowned Madness Combat series. This fun-filled game promises an entertaining blend of skill and amusement as you strategically annihilate enemy targets. Prepare for an engaging journey where the laws of physics and precise bullet trajectories take center stage, turning each level into a challenging and exhilarating experience. Get ready to test your marksmanship in this addictive game that brings a fresh twist to the Madness universe.

How to Play

In Madness Roulette: April Fool's Day, players must navigate each level with keen observation and strategic precision. Set your sights on the characters from Madness Combat, and with a combination of superb aim and an understanding of physics, unleash a cascade of merciless destruction. As you progress, master the art of bouncing bullets to maximize your impact and annihilate waves of enemy targets. With each level posing a unique challenge, exercise your shooting prowess and relish the simplicity and addictiveness of this engaging game. Good luck as you embark on a thrilling shooting spree like no other!


Developed by the talented team of Larrynachos, Spazgunk, TeraVex, and YuriKadry, Madness Roulette: April Fool's Day is a testament to their creativity and dedication. This game not only offers a fresh take on the Madness universe but also provides players with a delightful and entertaining experience. As you immerse yourself in the chaotic world of precise shooting and unpredictable physics, you'll find relaxation and enjoyment in this captivating April Fool's Day edition. Whether you're a fan of Madness Combat or simply looking for a simple yet addictive shooting game, Madness Roulette: April Fool's Day promises hours of fun and challenges that will keep you coming back for more.


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