Time Shooter

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About Time Shooter

Time Shooter is a groundbreaking game that introduces a revolutionary concept where time moves only when you do. Immerse yourself in a realm where inactivity slows the world to a crawl, granting players the unique ability to strategize, plan, and survey their surroundings before initiating action. Channel your inner Neo as you dodge bullets in slow motion and embark on a mission to crush enemies without sustaining a single hit.

How to Play

Time Shooter redefines the shooter genre with its innovative time manipulation mechanics. As a player, you hold the power to control time – it only progresses when you move. Seize the opportunity to look around, plan your every move, and execute flawless strategies in the face of slow-motion chaos. Dodge bullets with the grace of a time-bending hero, ensuring your path to victory remains untarnished by enemy fire. The key to success lies in mastering the art of timing, activating movement precisely to outwit foes and emerge unscathed.


Time Shooter stands as a testament to innovation in gaming, offering players a thrilling experience where time itself becomes a strategic ally. As you navigate through slow-motion bullet-dodging sequences reminiscent of cinematic heroes, the game challenges you to crush enemies without taking a single hit. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled excitement of Time Shooter, where temporal mastery is the ultimate key to triumph in a world where every second counts.

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