Orange Roulette

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About Orange Roulette


Players become enmeshed in a frantic fight for freedom in the peculiar and thrilling world of Orange Roulette. A lone orange stuck in jail hell has to play a lethal game in the hopes of winning a one-way ticket out of there. Players will be required to make decisions that could be the difference between escaping and meeting an unpleasant end in this intriguing indie game, which promises an exciting blend of strategy and chance.

How to Play

Locked within the confines of a prison, the orange protagonist faces a perilous choice - play the deadly game of Orange Roulette or remain confined forever. The rules are simple, yet the stakes are high: carefully choose your actions, and you might just secure a safe passage home without leaving the floor all sticky. Each decision influences the unfolding narrative, creating an intense and unpredictable gaming experience. Will you take the risk, or play it safe? Orange Roulette invites players to navigate the delicate balance between choice and consequence, ensuring that every move resonates with the potential for both triumph and tragedy.


Orange Roulette is a whimsical yet suspenseful journey through the unexpected. The game's blend of strategy and chance keeps players on the edge of their seats, as they navigate the perilous world of the orange protagonist. With its unique concept and engaging gameplay, Orange Roulette is a must-try for those seeking an escape adventure filled with both humor and tension. Make your choices wisely, and see if you have what it takes to guide the desperate orange to sweet freedom.


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