Buckshot Roulette v1.1

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Introduction Buckshot Roulette v1.1

Buckshot Roulette, the already intense and unsettling Russian Roulette horror game played with a pump-action shotgun, gets even more thrilling with its v1.1 update. This minor update adds a few quality-of-life features and a brand-new game mode that will have you questioning your sanity (and trigger finger) all over again.

What is Buckshot Roulette About?

In Buckshot Roulette, you step into the shoes of a desperate individual playing a deadly game of chance. With a single-barreled shotgun loaded with only one shell, you must spin the chamber, pull the trigger, and pray for survival. Each click is a gamble, each pulls a test of your nerves. The tension is palpable, the atmosphere thick with dread, and the potential for a gruesome demise is always just a trigger pull away.

New Features in v1.1

Options Screen: Now you can fine-tune your experience with adjustable master volume and the option to play in windowed mode.

Double or Nothing: Feeling lucky? Swallow the pills in the restroom to activate this high-stakes mode. The introductory dialogues and tutorials are gone, leaving you face-to-face with raw, unadulterated shotgun roulette. The catch? Randomized shell, item, and health counts make every round a gamble, and cashing out after three rounds is tempting, but can you resist the allure of doubling down? True death in this mode sends you back to the restroom, ready for another round of twisted fate.

Speedrun Friendly: Speedrunners rejoice! You can now restart the game with a simple press of the R key, shaving those precious seconds off your personal best.

A Must-Play for Horror Fans

Buckshot Roulette v1.1 is a must-play for fans of intense horror experiences. The combination of psychological dread, unpredictable gameplay, and the ever-present threat of a gruesome shotgun blast makes for a truly unique and unsettling experience. So, if you're looking for a game that will push your limits and leave you questioning your sanity, Buckshot Roulette v1.1 is the perfect choice. Remember, with great risk comes great reward or a messy demise. Will you double down on the horror and risk it all in Buckshot Roulette v1.1? Let's play the game and figure it out!


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