Shotgun Roulette

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About Shotgun Roulette

Forget a single bullet. In Shotgun Roulette, a dance of adrenaline unfolds as you chamber a double-barreled shotgun, each barrel holding a fate: a deadly spray of buckshot or a soul-crushing click of emptiness. Take turns pulling the trigger, aiming not at each other, but at a canvas spun with memories, secrets, and desires. Each pull splatters the fabric with truth and consequence, leaving a macabre masterpiece of life and loss. But be warned, the reaper's gaze lingers on every shell, and with each round, the distance between survival and oblivion shrinks to the width of a shotgun bore.

Do you dare play a game where every trigger pull paints your future in crimson?

Key Features

High-stakes psychological drama with a deadly twist.

Morality-bending choices that ripple through the narrative.

Unpredictable outcomes where chance and consequence collide.

The gripping atmosphere will leave you breathless.

A unique blend of Russian Roulette and psychological thriller.


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