A House for Alesa 3

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About A House for Alesa 3

A chilling return awaits in A House for Alesa 3, a horror RPG where Alesa's past continues to torment her. Haunted by a childhood encounter with the monstrous Mr. Bob, Alesa now faces a new nightmare after moving to a seemingly peaceful town. Unsettling secrets lurk within this quaint facade, and Alesa must confront the darkness once more.

Dive into a Haunting Narrative

Embark on a captivating story filled with suspense and dark humor. Explore the unsettling town, uncover its wicked secrets, and battle grotesque monstrosities in 6 epic boss fights. With 12 unique endings, each playthrough offers a fresh perspective on Alesa's terrifying journey.

Enhanced Gameplay and Features

A House for Alesa 3 boasts improved graphics and gameplay, featuring full voice acting, 10 unlockable outfits, and a variety of ghostly pets to accompany you. Over 25 gruesome death animations add a touch of dark humor, while challenging puzzles and a unique cave waifu keep you guessing.

A Haunting Symphony of Sound

Immerse yourself in a chilling atmosphere crafted by an original soundtrack by A.V. Dossow. The haunting intro song, Dear Alesa, by Benedicte BG Baelien, further sets the mood for this unforgettable horror experience.

Can you help Alesa conquer her demons and escape the clutches of the town's hidden evil? A House for Alesa 3 promises a thrilling blend of horror and dark humor, with a story that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


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