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About Bleek

Bleek throws you into a chilling arcade experience where your only hope lies in the faint glow of your flashlight. Cast out by the gods for your transgressions, you wander a spectral purgatory, eternally reliving your demise. The ghosts that haunt this realm hunger for your remaining life force, but a shard of stolen time grants you a sliver of hope.

How to Play

  • Harness the Light: Utilize your flashlight to reveal the lurking ghosts, momentarily driving them back and allowing you to navigate the darkness.
  • Conquer the Abyss: Face the horrors of this spectral realm, battling other monstrous inhabitants and enduring the torment of an endless cycle.
  • Survive the Nightmare: While escape is impossible, strive to survive as long as possible, utilizing strategic light management and tactical maneuvers.

Tips for Surviving

  • Strategic Illumination: Use your flashlight sparingly, revealing only what is necessary to progress and avoid attracting unwanted attention.
  • Quick Reflexes: React swiftly to the movement of the ghosts and other creatures, maneuvering quickly to avoid their attacks.
  • Resource Management: Your remaining life force is precious. Use it wisely to fend off enemies and maximize your survival time.

Bleek is a thrilling blend of arcade action and horror, offering a relentless challenge and a glimpse into a nightmarish eternity. Can you harness the power of light and endure the endless torment of the Bleak?


Move: WASD or Arrow Keys, Left Analog Stick, or D-Pad
Aim Flashlight: Mouse, Right Analog Stick
Turn Flashlight On: Hold the Space Key, Left Mouse Button, or Right Analog Stick|
Pause: Enter the Key, Start Button, or click on the Pause icon
Toggle Audio: M Key, Select Button, or click on the Speaker icon
Toggle Stopwatch: N Key, Left/Right Shoulder Trigger, or click on the Stopwatch icon

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