Block Team Deadmatch

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About Block Team Deathmatch

Block Team Deathmatch throws you into a world of blocky mayhem, where you'll battle it out in a fast-paced first-person shooter. Forget fancy graphics – here, the focus is on pure, unadulterated shooting fun!

Build Your Blocktastic Skills

  • Multiple Modes: Choose from 4v4 Team Mode for strategic squad-based action, Individual Mode for chaotic free-for-alls, or Sniper Mode for intense long-range showdowns.
  • Blocktastic Arsenal: Wield an array of pixelated weaponry, from classic shotguns to high-powered sniper rifles.
  • Level Up, Gear Up: Dominate the competition and earn rewards to unlock new weapons and equipment, customizing your blocky avatar for victory.
  • Master the Arena: Explore a variety of blocky battlegrounds, each offering unique tactical challenges.

Tips to Become a Block Champion

  • Team Up for Success: Start your Block Team Deathmatch journey in Team Mode. Cooperate with your squad to dominate the battlefield and earn valuable rewards to level up.
  • Find Your Weapon of Choice: Experiment with different guns to discover what suits your playstyle. If you're new to shooters, an auto-rifle is a versatile weapon for any situation.
  • Stay Calm and Block On: Don't let the fast-paced action overwhelm you. Take cover, aim carefully, and unleash a barrage of blocky bullets to eliminate your opponents.

Block Team Deathmatch is a perfect entry point for FPS newbies or veterans seeking a fun, frenetic experience. So grab your pixelated gun, hone your trigger finger, and prepare to block out the competition!

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