Bou's Revenge

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About Bou's Revenge

Remember the adorable little potato creature, Pou, who you meticulously cared for on your phone? Forget everything you thought you knew. Bou's Revenge takes the cute and cuddly world of Pou and throws it into a blender with your deepest childhood fears.

This short, 3D horror experience plunges you headfirst into a twisted reality. You're no longer the caretaker – you're trapped under the deranged watch of a monstrous Bou.

Here's how to survive

Explore the Nightmare

Navigate a hauntingly familiar yet warped environment. The once cheery world of Pou is now a distorted reflection, filled with unsettling details. Keep your wits about you and search for clues that might reveal the source of Bou's sinister transformation.

Unravel the Mystery

As you progress, you'll encounter puzzles and challenges that test your logic and courage. These puzzles hold the key to understanding what's happened and, hopefully, finding a way out of Bou's twisted game.

Face Your Fears

Be prepared for jump scares and a pervasive sense of dread. The once innocent creature you cared for now lurks around every corner, a constant reminder of the horror that awaits.

Can you unravel the mystery behind Bou's transformation and escape its clutches? Or will you become a permanent resident of this unsettling world? Play Bou's Revenge and find out – if you dare.

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