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About Build & Crush

Build & Crush is a unique online sandbox that lets you unleash your creativity – or unleash glorious mayhem! This two-in-one experience caters to both builders and demolition enthusiasts.


Channel your inner architect in Build mode. Stack classic blocks like bricks and glass, or get whimsical with animal blocks. Each block comes in multiple variations allowing for truly unique structures. Feeling proud of your creation? Share it with the world with a single click!

Demolish with Delight

Now, for the truly explosive part! In Crush mode, you can select any public creation and unleash glorious destruction! A vast arsenal awaits, from classic TNT to powerful cannons, earth-shattering earthquakes, and even a one-click atomic bomb for total annihilation!

Tips for Building and Crushing Glory

  • Building: Experiment with different block combinations and layouts to create truly impressive (or silly!) structures. Don't be afraid to get creative!
  • Crushing: Strategize your attack! TNT is great for close-up demolitions, while cannons offer more precise long-range destruction. Consider using the environment – a well-timed earthquake can topple even the sturdiest build.
  • Explore & Share: Check out what other players have built, and don't be shy about sharing your own creations! The Build & Crush community thrives on both creative inspiration and delightful destruction.

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Whether you're a meticulous builder or a demolition aficionado, Build & Crush offers a unique blend of creativity and destruction in a thriving online world. So join the community, build something incredible, or just revel in the glorious chaos – the choice is yours!


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