Call of Bravery Shooter

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About Call of Bravery Shooter

Call of Bravery Shooter throws you into the heart of the action in this adrenaline-pumping first-person shooter. Experience the power of lifelike 3D weaponry as you engage in intense 5v5 battles across diverse maps.

Key Features

Choose your battleground – conquer the vast landscapes of the Catania map or navigate the close-quarters chaos of Venado. With an arsenal of primary, secondary, and utility weapons at your disposal, you can tailor your loadout to any combat situation. Master the art of strategic gunplay, aiming for the headshots that secure swift victories.

Embrace the Thrill of Victory

Call of Bravery Shooter rewards tactical prowess. Employ classic FPS tactics to outmaneuver your opponents. The first team to reach 50 points by eliminating enemies and completing objectives claims ultimate victory.


Call of Bravery Shooter offers an edge-of-your-seat experience for FPS enthusiasts of all skill levels. The combination of fast-paced action, customizable loadouts, and strategic depth ensures you'll return for more heart-pounding battles. So, gear up, soldier, and answer the call to bravery!

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