Captain Willie

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About Captain Willie

What is the game about?

Captain Willie takes players on a chilling first-person horror adventure, developed by Buggata, Roobs, and Meikapoika. Set on a ship with an older version of Mickey Mouse, players must navigate daily tasks while the iconic character takes an unsettling turn. As Mickey transforms, the game unravels a mysterious narrative filled with secrets, plot twists, and well-executed jump scares.

How to Play

In Captain Willie, players delve into a first-person perspective, immersing themselves in the eerie atmosphere of the haunted ship. As the older Mickey Mouse undergoes a terrifying transformation, your mission is to perform crucial tasks vital for the ship's survival. This includes cleaning the deck, collecting potatoes, and feeding the ship's engine with coal.

The gameplay unfolds as players follow Mickey's unsettling lines of dialogue, all while navigating towards an ambiguous destination. However, be prepared for unexpected jumpscares that add a layer of tension and fear to the otherwise routine tasks. Uncover the ship's dark secrets and face the spine-chilling consequences of Mickey's transformation as the narrative takes unexpected turns.

Dreadful Secrets and Plot Twists

As players progress through Captain Willie, the game reveals a gripping narrative laden with secrets and plot twists. The once familiar and friendly Mickey Mouse becomes a harbinger of terror, transforming the innocuous ship into a nightmare-inducing vessel. Unravel the mysteries, confront the unexpected, and navigate the horror-filled narrative to its spine-chilling climax.

In conclusion, Captain Willie offers a unique and terrifying experience for players who dare to venture into its haunted seas. With first-person gameplay, unnerving tasks, and the haunting transformation of Mickey Mouse, this horror game promises an immersive journey into the unknown. Brace yourself for jumpscares, unravel the mysteries, and confront the unsettling truth that lurks within Captain Willie's nightmarish voyage.


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