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About City Simulator

Inspired by Urban Classics: City Simulator throws back to the golden age of urban adventure games. But with a modern twist! This captivating browser-based experience lets you jump right in – no downloads required.


City Simulator puts you at the helm of a growing metropolis. You'll be tasked with a variety of objectives, from constructing essential buildings to keeping the streets safe from criminal elements. Each completed assignment brings valuable rewards like prizes and diamonds, fueling your city's growth and prosperity.


City Simulator's brilliance lies in its accessibility. No downloads are needed, allowing you to become a city leader in seconds. The engaging gameplay keeps you hooked as you build, manage, and safeguard your city. Plus, the reward system motivates you to keep expanding and protecting your urban paradise.

Are You Ready to Build Your Dream City?

City Simulator welcomes players of all ages who crave a blend of city-building and thrilling crime-fighting adventures. So, step into the role of a visionary leader and embark on a journey to build a prosperous and secure metropolis!

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