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About Clickyland

Calling all clicker game enthusiasts and tower defense strategists! In this unique blend of genres, you'll build, manage, and defend your village with nothing more than the tap of your finger.

Click Your Way to Victory

Every action in Clickyland revolves around your clicks. Harvest resources like wood and stone by clicking on trees and rocks. Click on enemies to unleash a barrage of damage and defend your castle. Click on the fog of war to reveal new areas of the map and uncover strategic opportunities.

Maximize Your Clicks with Clever Structures

Don't just click mindlessly! Clickyland offers a variety of structures to amplify your clicking power. Build a quarry to automate stone collection or a click factory to generate more clicks per second. These strategic investments will be crucial for your village's growth and survival.

Shop Your Way to Success

Each successful run earns you valuable coins. Spend these coins in the shop to unlock powerful new towers, enhance your clicking speed with upgrades like "rapid click," and bolster your defenses against increasingly challenging enemies.

Can You Survive 100 Days?

The ultimate test awaits! Clickyland throws a gauntlet of progressively stronger foes your way, from fluffy rabbits to ferocious bears and even mystical demon shamans. Can you strategize your clicks, optimize your village, and emerge victorious after 100 grueling days?

A Feast for Clickers and Strategists Alike

With approximately 4 hours of engaging gameplay, procedurally generated levels ensuring fresh experiences each run, 40 buildings and upgrades to unlock, and over 30 unique enemies to outwit, Clickyland offers a delightful blend of clicker fun and strategic tower defense. So, are you ready to unleash the power of your clicks and defend your village?

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