Dino Hunting Jurassic World

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About Dino Hunting Jurassic World

Dino Hunting Jurassic World throws you headfirst into a heart-pounding adventure where you become the ultimate hunter. Stalk and eliminate prehistoric predators in a breathtaking recreation of a lost world.

Hunt or Be Hunted

A Hunter's Arsenal: Master a vast array of high-powered weaponry, from sniper rifles for long-distance takedowns to shotguns for close encounters.
Diverse Jungles Await: Explore lush, vibrant environments teeming with dinosaurs, each offering unique challenges and landscapes to navigate.
Thrilling Encounters: Track down iconic predators like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptors, each with distinct behaviors and attack patterns.
Immersive Experience: Realistic sound effects and stunning visuals bring the hunt to life, putting you right in the heart of the Jurassic wilderness.

Tips for Dino Domination

Choose Your Weapon Wisely: Select the right firearm for the job. Snipers for open areas, shotguns for dense foliage – adapt your arsenal to each encounter.
Master the Terrain: Use the environment to your advantage. Lure dinosaurs into bottlenecks or use cover to avoid detection.
Aim for Weak Spots: Each dinosaur has vulnerabilities. Exploit these weak points for quicker and more efficient takedowns.
Practice Makes Perfect: Sharpen your aim and learn dinosaur behavior in the shooting range before venturing into the wild.

Dino Hunting Jurassic World isn't just about shooting, it's about strategy, survival, and the ultimate test of your hunting prowess. Do you have what it takes to dominate the Jurassic food chain?


WASD/arrow keys to move
Left-click to shoot
Right-click to iron sight for snipper
Scroll wheel to zoom in/out when using iron sight
Shift to sprint
P to pause


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