Don’t Let Her In

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Introducing Don't Let Her In

Brace yourself for a chilling adventure in Don't Let Her In, a hauntingly atmospheric horror game by Flower Studio. This unique experience masterfully blends pixel-art graphics with a suspenseful storyline that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Abandoned and Afraid

The game throws you into a nightmare scenario. You're alone in your house, your father mysteriously gone, leaving just a single, chilling message: "Don't let her in." As night descends, strange noises and an unsettling feeling of being watched heighten your terror. Explore your darkened, pixelated home, uncovering secrets and facing the unknown that lurks just beyond the shadows.

Will You Survive the Night?

Don't Let Her In is a short but intense experience that challenges your sanity. You must manage your fear while you solve puzzles and uncover the truth behind the cryptic message. Will you succumb to curiosity and peek outside, or can you hold out until your father returns?

A Spine-Tingling Bargain

Don't Let Her In is available free on Buckshot Roulette. For horror fans seeking a quick but terrifying experience, this is a must-play.


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