Last Day On Earth Survival

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About Last Day on Earth Survival

Can you survive the desolate wasteland? Last Day on Earth: Survival, a free-to-play 2D survival simulation, throws you headfirst into a ruined city overrun by the infected. Your mission: stay alive.

Explore a Broken World

Uncover the secrets of a vast, ruined cityscape. With 51 locations to unearth, from abandoned houses to desolate military bunkers, every corner holds the potential for resources or danger.

Craft Your Way to Survival

Gather precious materials like wood and metal, then head to your Workbench. Here, you can craft essential tools and weapons to defend yourself and gather more supplies.

Sharpen Your Skills

As you fight for survival, you'll gain experience and level up. Use this hard-earned XP to enhance your attributes in Health, Attack, Speed, and Search ability. Each upgrade strengthens your chances in this unforgiving world.

Tips to Thrive on the Last Day

Daylight is for Discovery: Utilize daytime hours to explore uncharted locations. Gather resources and scout for safe havens before nightfall.
Nightfall Brings Danger: As darkness descends, the infected become more aggressive. Fortify your shelter and conserve resources until the sun rises.
Prioritize Upgrades: Focus on boosting your Health and Attack first. These will keep you alive long enough to gather materials and improve your other skills.

Will you survive the Last Day? Play Last Day on Earth: Survival and test your skills in this atmospheric and challenging survival adventure.

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