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About Maere

Maere is a chilling, experimental horror experience that tests your ability to endure the terrors of a haunted room. Trapped and seeking sleep, you must close your eyes and ignore the spectral entities lurking in the shadows. But beware, the more your fear rises, the more intense your nightmares become. Can you resist the urge to peek and survive the night, or will you succumb to the horrors that lurk within?

How to Play

  • Embrace the Darkness: Close your eyes and ignore the unsettling sights and sounds that fill the room.
  • Manage Your Fear: As the night progresses, your fear meter will rise. Keep it low to avoid triggering the nightmares that haunt your slumber.
  • Survive the Night: Can you endure the psychological torment and see the sunrise, or will you be consumed by the darkness?

Tips for Sleepless Survival

  • Resist the Temptation: Do not succumb to the urge to open your eyes, even when the presence of the ghosts grows overwhelming.
  • Control Your Breathing: Maintain a steady pace of breathing to keep your fear in check and avoid triggering nightmares.
  • Embrace the Silence: Focus on the sounds of your own heartbeat and ignore the chilling whispers and unsettling noises.

Maere is a unique and unsettling experience that delves into the psychological horror of facing your fears in the dead of night. Can you conquer your fear and survive until dawn?


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