Out of Power - 2D Horror Survival

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About Out of Power

Ever dreamed of a horror movie where you're the electrician? Welcome to Out of Power - 2D Horror Survival, a chilling game that throws you into a dimly lit nightmare disguised as your first job.

Darkness and Dread Collide

Step into the shoes of a rookie electrician tasked with fixing the wiring in a hauntingly dark building. But beware - some wires trigger unsettling occurrences that send shivers down your spine. As you navigate the eerie corridors, stay alert and focused on your objective: complete the repairs and escape before something sinister takes hold.

Can You Overcome the Chills?

Out of Power is a test of courage and quick thinking. Here are some chilling tips to survive:

Prioritize Tasks: Fix the wiring efficiently to get out of the darkness as quickly as possible.
Mind the Mystery Wires: Some wires trigger strange events - avoid them if you can!

Out of Power - 2D Horror Survival will have you questioning the flickering lights and the unsettling sounds that echo through the building.


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