Royal Order

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About Royal Order

Dive into Royal Order, a captivating historical fantasy visual novel where your choices determine the fate of kingdoms! As Aarya, the newest member of the High Council, you must guide the Royal Order - a group of royal heirs sent to plead for aid against the relentless Sval pirates.

A Story Steeped in Strategy and Survival

  • Balance the Scales: Manage the delicate political landscape between rival kingdoms while strategizing to quell the Sval threat. Can you broker peace or will war consume the land?
  • Raise Your Heirs: Play a vital role in nurturing the skills and personalities of the young royals, influencing their growth and shaping their destinies.
  • Manage Your Time: Prioritize tasks wisely within a 60-week time frame, balancing social events, character development, and quests to achieve your goals.

Key Features and What Makes it Special

  • Customize Your Aarya: Craft your own protagonist, shaping their appearance, pronouns, and even their name to personalize the story.
  • Love and Intrigue: Navigate potential romance with three distinct love interests as you navigate the complexities of courtly life.
  • Multiple Endings and Replayability: Discover 10 unique endings shaped by your choices. Brace yourself for a multitude of outcomes.

Royal Order is more than just a visual novel, it's an immersive experience where your strategic mind and compassionate heart hold the power to rewrite history. Will you forge lasting alliances or succumb to the flames of war?

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