SCP: Bloodwater

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About SCP: Bloodwater

Step into the shoes of a Site Director at the Red Pool Containment Zone in SCP: Bloodwater, a thrilling strategy management defense game. SCP-354, a massive pool of anomalous liquid, has become a source of valuable organic material known as SCP-354-B. However, the more you harvest, the angrier the Red Pool becomes, unleashing increasingly ferocious attacks.

Harness the Red Pool

As Site Director, you must carefully manage the harvesting of SCP-354-B while strategically deploying defenses to withstand the Red Pool's retaliation. Construct containment structures, research new technologies, and utilize D-Class personnel to maintain operations and ensure the facility's survival.

A Delicate Balance

SCP: Bloodwater presents a unique challenge. While SCP-354-B is crucial, its exploitation fuels the Red Pool's rage. Mastering resource management, strategic defense planning, and quick adaptation are key to surviving the Red Pool's wrath.

Tips for Containment

  • Prioritize Research: Invest in research to unlock new technologies and defensive capabilities to counter the Red Pool's evolving attacks.
  • Optimize Harvesting: Carefully manage harvesting operations, balancing the need for SCP-354-B with the escalating threat from the Red Pool.
  • Fortify Your Defenses: Construct and upgrade containment structures to withstand the onslaught of SCP-354-A entities spawned by the Red Pool.

SCP: Bloodwater offers a thrilling blend of resource management and strategic defense, testing your ability to contain a powerful anomaly while reaping its benefits. Can you maintain the delicate balance and survive the Red Pool's fury?

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