Silver Thread : Deux

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About Silver Thread: Deux

Are ghosts real? Alicia Wilkershire, an exorcist who doubts their presence, seeks the answer through her investigations. Whispers of a haunted theater lead her to a chilling investigation where she must confront her skepticism and uncover the truth.

Unveiling the Supernatural

Step into Alicia's shoes as she delves into the secrets of the haunted theater. Explore the unsettling atmosphere, gather clues, and make crucial choices that will determine the outcome. With two distinct endings, your investigation will determine whether Alicia's skepticism fades or strengthens in the face of the unknown.

A Haunting Experience

Silver Thread: Deux offers a concise yet impactful experience, with approximately 1-1.5 hours of playtime. Cartoon violence and blood create a chilling atmosphere, while the two endings offer a sense of replayability and encourage players to delve deeper into the mystery.

Advantages of Playing

  • Unique Perspective: Experience a haunting investigation through the eyes of a skeptical exorcist.
  • Branching Narrative: Your choices influence the story's direction, leading to two distinct endings.
  • Immersive Atmosphere: Cartoon visuals and unsettling sounds create a captivating and suspenseful experience.

Silver Thread: Deux is a perfect choice for players seeking a short yet impactful horror experience with a unique twist. Can you help Alicia unveil the truth behind the haunted theater and challenge her own beliefs about the supernatural?

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