Slice & Dice

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Slice & Dice: Roll the Dice, Conquer the Monsters!

A Unique Blend of Strategy and Dice-Rolling Fun

Slice & Dice offers a unique and captivating gameplay experience that will keep you hooked for hours.


Lead a party of 5 unique heroes, each wielding their own special dice. In this turn-based combat adventure, you'll battle your way through 20 increasingly challenging levels, culminating in a face-off against the ultimate boss. But beware, a single loss forces you to restart from the beginning, so strategic planning and a touch of luck are crucial for victory.


Slice & Dice offers more than just dice rolls. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Strategic Dice Battles: Each turn feels like a mini-puzzle as you choose which dice to roll and reroll, maximizing your heroes' abilities to defeat your foes.
  • Progression and Customization: Level up your heroes after each battle, and equip powerful items to enhance their skills. With 128+ hero classes and a vast array of items, the possibilities are endless!
  • High Replayability: Randomly generated encounters and a multitude of features like undo actions and weird modding ensure that every playthrough is a fresh and exciting experience.

Are You Ready to Roll the Dice?

Slice & Dice welcomes players of all ages who crave a strategic challenge with a touch of luck. So, assemble your party, master the dice, and conquer the monstrous hordes that await!

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