Strike Breakout

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About Strike Breakout

Strap in, soldier! Strike Breakout is your chance to become a hero in a high-octane rescue mission.

The Mission: The President and his security detail are in enemy hands. As part of a crack special ops team, you'll join a skilled helicopter pilot on a series of 10 heart-pounding missions to bring them home.

How to Play

Gear Up: Each mission drops you deep into enemy territory. Utilize your reflexes and tactical skills to navigate through a maze of defenses and threats.
Silent but Deadly: Employ stealth tactics to take down enemies without raising alarms.
Rescue and Evacuate: Locate the President and his team, then fight your way back to the extraction point. Time is of the essence!

Tips for Success

Master the Shadows: Stay out of sight! Utilize cover and plan your movements to avoid enemy detection.
Silent Takedowns: Eliminate foes quietly whenever possible. A silent takedown is a swift takedown!
Know Your Environment: Learn enemy patrol patterns and strategically utilize the environment to your advantage.
Time is Money (or in this case, Freedom): Every second counts. Act quickly and efficiently to ensure a successful extraction.

Are you ready to Strike Breakout? Test your tactical prowess and rescue the President in this exhilarating mission-based adventure!


Left Mouse to Shot

Right Mouse button for Scope

E to Pick UP and rescue

1,2,3,4,5 to change weapon

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