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About Summoning

Embrace the shadows and delve into Summoning, a captivating roguelike action game that thrusts you into the shoes of a vengeance-fueled cultist. Your ultimate goal: orchestrate the Great Summoning, a dark ritual that will rewrite your destiny. But the path is treacherous, littered with enemies and demanding challenges within a nightmarish arena.

Embrace the Dance of Death

  • Dash and Dodge: Master the art of swift, tactical movement. Utilize your cultist's lightning-fast dashes to weave around attacks, outmaneuver foes, and position yourself for devastating strikes.
  • Sacrifice and Empower: Loyal servants stand ready - but their true purpose lies beyond unwavering devotion. Learn to sacrifice these followers, harvesting their souls as fuel for your dark magic.
  • Build Your Arsenal: These collected souls serve another purpose: powering your unique deck. As you progress, strategically build and customize your deck, unlocking spells, powerful abilities, and upgrades that enhance your dark arts and bolster your quest for vengeance.

Unleash the Forbidden

The ultimate objective: the Great Summoning. This forbidden ritual represents your path to unleashing powerful forces and achieving your ultimate goals. But before you reach that point, hone your skills and master the dark arts.

A Story Forged in Darkness

Summoning isn't just about blood and battles. It's steeped in a compelling narrative. You begin as a cultist, bound for a century in hell by the cruel "Seven Blades" spell. Marked and tormented, a mysterious voice offers a path to freedom – vengeance. Fueled by betrayal and a thirst for retribution, you embark on a harrowing journey, mastering the dark arts and battling through the arena. Can you overcome the challenges, build your power, and ultimately, perform the Great Summoning?

The Allure of Summoning

  • Roguelike Challenge: Each playthrough offers a unique experience. Dive into ever-changing arenas, encounter unpredictable enemies, and build your deck on the fly, adapting your strategies for each new challenge.
  • Embrace the Dark Arts: Unleash a repertoire of deadly spells and abilities fueled by sacrifice. Customize your deck and harness the power of the shadows to conquer your foes.
  • A Gripping Narrative: Unravel a story of betrayal, vengeance, and the allure of forbidden power. Fueled by a dark past, your journey is one of both empowerment and consequence.

So, are you ready to answer the call of the shadows? Play Summoning today and embark on a thrilling roguelike adventure where vengeance fuels your rise to dark mastery!

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