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About That's Not My Neighbor

Your Neighbor Just Got Nightmarish

Fans of spine-tingling suspense, rejoice! That's Not My Neighbor delivers a chilling update with the introduction of Nightmare Mode. This high-difficulty level ups the ante, offering a terrifying new challenge for seasoned players brave enough to confront their deepest fears.

A Streamlined Arcade Experience

The update also streamlines the arcade mode, making it more accessible for casual players or those short on time. Now you can experience the thrills of That's Not My Neighbor in a more manageable format.

Improved Communication and Comfort

For a smoother gameplay experience, the text speed has been increased across the board (except for tutorials). Additionally, a proper demo has been added, allowing you to taste the game's unique brand of horror before committing.

Addressing Your Concerns

The development team hasn't forgotten about player feedback. That's Not My Neighbor tackles several bugs, ensuring a more polished experience. They've also added an accessibility option to turn off flashing lights, catering to players with photosensitivity.

Enhanced Trypophobia Support

The update demonstrates the developer's commitment to inclusivity. The existing trypophobia function has been improved, now hiding disturbing imagery even in tutorials and other areas. This ensures a comfortable experience for players with this condition.

Dive Back into the Mystery

That's Not My Neighbor offers a compelling mix of new features, improvements, and accessibility options. Whether you're a seasoned horror enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this update provides the perfect opportunity to explore the unsettling world of your neighbors or rather, the imposters lurking within.

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