The Bedroom

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About The Bedroom

The Bedroom is an experimental horror experience unlike any other. Crafted in just 10 days and meticulously expanded over five months, this immersive journey plunges you into the chilling reality of a young girl trapped within her room.

A Haunting Reality

Waking up in the dim glow of her bedroom lamp, the young girl knows something is wrong. A presence lurks just beyond the door, mimicking familiar voices and threatening to lure her out. As days turn into nights, the room itself begins to warp and shift, haunted by unsettling dreams and a growing sense of unease.

Uncover 23 Possible Endings

Your choices, however small, hold the key to unraveling the mystery. With 23 distinct endings (A to W), each playthrough offers a unique glimpse into the girl's fate. Explore the branching paths, piece together the fragmented narrative, and discover the horrifying truth behind the door.

Immerse Yourself in the Horror

The Bedroom meticulously crafts a dense atmosphere. A haunting soundtrack built on ambient noises and deeply immersive sound design draws you into the girl's terror. Moody visuals and subtle voice acting further heighten the unsettling experience.

Advantages of Playing

  • Short, Immersive Experience: Enjoy a 40-70 minute playthrough packed with atmospheric horror.
  • Branching Narrative: Uncover 23 unique endings, each revealing a piece of the chilling story.
  • Dense Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a world of unsettling sounds, visuals, and hauntingly realistic environments.
  • Simple Gameplay: Interact with the environment and the ominous bedroom door to unlock the secrets within.

The Bedroom is a chilling experiment in horror, offering a unique and deeply personal exploration of fear. Dare you enter the room and face the unknown?

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