The Uncanny Test

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About The Uncanny Test

The Uncanny Test is an independent horror gem that beckons you to delve into a world of unsettling chills. Inspired by SCP lore and analog horror, this haunting experience will test your perception and sanity.

A Simple Test, a Disturbing Truth

The game presents you with a series of seemingly straightforward questions: can you distinguish the uncanny from the ordinary? Images flicker on the screen, faces contort, and sounds distort, all while a disembodied voice guides you through this unsettling examination. But as you progress, a sinister truth begins to unravel, blurring the line between reality and something far more unsettling.

How to Navigate the Uncanny

Observe Closely: Every detail, every flicker, holds a clue. Scrutinize the images and sounds, searching for the telltale signs of the uncanny.
Question Everything: Don't trust your initial impressions. The Uncanny Test thrives on manipulating your perception, so remain skeptical and analytical.
Listen Carefully: The disembodied voice may offer more than just instructions. Pay close attention to its tone and what it leaves unsaid.
There are No Wrong Answers, But There Are Consequences...

The Uncanny Test is not about winning or losing. It's about confronting the unsettling truth that lurks beneath the surface of normalcy. The choices you make will shape the narrative and may even determine your fate.

Are you brave enough to take The Uncanny Test? Prepare for a chilling descent into the uncanny valley, where the line between real and unreal is forever blurred.

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