Water Shootouts

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Introducing Water Shootouts

Water Shootouts is a wet and wild platformer adventure that will have you blasting your way to victory.

Soak 'Em Up! Strategic H2O Combat

Ditch the ordinary weapons – in Water Shootouts, your trusty water gun is your key to success! Use it to freeze enemies in their tracks, blast them away with a powerful stream, or even jump on their icy forms to collect coins. Master the art of water warfare as you navigate through challenging levels filled with obstacles and platforms.

Solo or Squad Up

Water Shootouts offers two thrilling ways to play. Embark on a quirky solo adventure, mastering the water gun mechanics and conquering increasingly challenging levels. Or, team up with two friends and take the fight online in epic 3v3 battles. Work together, strategize your attacks, and soak the opposing team for ultimate bragging rights!

Tips for Aquatic Supremacy

  • Master the Elements: Learn the different ways to use your water gun. A well-timed freeze can turn the tide of battle, while a powerful shot can send enemies flying.
  • Mind Your Meter: Keep an eye on your water level! Running out mid-fight can leave you high and dry. Strategize your water usage and collect refills scattered throughout the levels.
  • Dress for Success: Use your hard-earned coins to unlock stylish outfits and even more powerful water guns. Look good and soak good in Water Shootouts!

Soak Up the Fun with Water Shootouts!

Water Shootouts is a refreshing take on the platformer genre, offering a unique blend of challenging solo adventures and thrilling online battles. So grab your water gun, choose your mode, and get ready to make a splash!

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