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About Aground


Aground is a game that places you amid an uninhabited land, facing the relentless forces of nature and an impending heavy storm. Stranded and alone, your ultimate goal is to defy the elements, collect vital resources like wood and stone, and construct a shelter to weather the storm. Aground offers a compelling narrative of resilience and adaptability as you navigate the challenges of survival in an unforgiving environment filled with wild animals and potential threats.

How to Play

In Aground, the key to survival lies in resourcefulness. Collect essential materials such as wood and stone to craft a shelter that will shield you from the impending storm. Delve underground to mine resources and forage for berries and food to sustain yourself. However, be cautious of the wild animals roaming the land; create weapons to defend against potential attacks. Adaptability and strategic planning are essential as you explore, gather, and build in this gripping survival game. Aground challenges players to harness their survival instincts, fostering a sense of accomplishment with each shelter built and every threat overcome.


Aground stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of survival games, offering players an immersive experience of navigating the challenges of an uninhabited land. The quest for resources, construction of shelters, and defense against wildlife create a dynamic gameplay loop that keeps players engaged. As you face the impending storm and forge your path to survival, Aground provides a thrilling and rewarding journey. Dive into the game, embrace the struggle for survival, and witness the evolution of your character from a stranded individual to a resilient survivor in the face of nature's harshest trials.

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