Keep Zombie Away

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About Keep Zombie Away


Ever dreamt of being the last hope for humanity, barricaded against a hoard of hungry undead? Keep Zombie Away lets you live that chilling nightmare, in the best way possible! This heart-pounding game throws you into a desperate struggle for survival, where every creak of the floorboards and every moan in the distance sends shivers down your spine.

Barricade Yourself to Life

Your sanctuary is a humble safe house, your only defense against the relentless zombie mob. Think fast, act faster! Dash inside, slam the door shut and dive for the bed, your temporary oasis in this desolate world. But just surviving the initial onslaught isn't enough. Keep Zombie Away is more than just hiding under the covers; it's a strategic battle of brains against brawn.

Fortify Your Fortress

This safe house is your canvas, your battleground. Choose wisely from an arsenal of security upgrades, from sturdy barricades to electrifying turrets. Every nail hammered, every trap set, inches you closer to dawn. Resource management is key; utilize scavenged scraps and found blueprints to craft the perfect zombie-repelling fortress.

Don't Go Down Without a Fight

While building your defenses, don't forget the adrenaline rush of direct combat! Keep Zombie Away lets you engage in tense, strategic battles. Wield makeshift weapons, expertly place traps, and outsmart the shambling hordes with clever tactics. Remember, every bullet is precious, every swing precise. Make each blow count in this desperate dance of survival.


Keep Zombie Away is a heart-pounding thrill ride. The constant tension, the strategic depth, and the ever-present threat of the undead will keep you on the edge of your seat. So, grab your hammer, fortify your defenses, and face the apocalypse head-on.


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